Friday, February 23, 2007

Well, I suppose I could write something on this blog of mine, as it has been awhile. I have been really busy lately, which has been good, and yet I am hoping that this weekend will slow and relaxing.

Yesterday was RA appreciation day. The student leaders were taken out for breakfast, and then my girls took me out for supper in Steinbach to Smitty's! It was such a blessing. Sometimes I get panicky that I am not doing the greatest job as an RA, and I wish I could offer these girls something more. They are so amazing and cool. I like them so much. They are very accepting of me as their leader, even though I know many of them would do just as great a job if not better than I.

I decided to be an RA again next year, although it is very difficult to think that far ahead. I am still wondering how my summer is going to go. I don't know where I am going to work yet which is occasionally worriesome, but I'm trying not to worry so much.

I am really tired today, which is undoubtably a product of living such a busy life in the last while. I feel like I am running around all the time, going to meetings, writing papers, eating meals, going to class, going to the chiropractor. I have to be adjusted 3 times a week. My parents worried me cause they told me about a girl who was paralyzed when she had her neck adjusted. I was so scared to go the next time, but I found out that there is a 1 in 5.8 million chance that could happen which made me feel a little better. It makes me feel a little safer knowing that there is a more likely chance of being in a car accident than having my neck adjusted wrong and becoming paralysed...although I am in cars a lot...hmmmmm. I suppose I should just stop worrying and actually live my life. Yes. That is a good idea.

I thought about what to give up for Lent and I couldn't think of anything. I wanted to choose something that is very hard for me, like deserts or something, but I did that last year, and I really don't eat that many anyway. And then I considered movies and TV, but I watch it so rarely, that it really wouldn't make much difference. So what then? A girl in my dorm is giving up wearing mismatching socks. I wish I had that much creativity. hmmmm. This will take some thought.