Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grandfather Frost

I have married a Russian boy, and thus the blending of different cultural traditions commences.

I have been introduced to Grandfather Frost in the past.
 A grand ol' fellow, with a stunning beard.

He has left me chocolates and cookies hidden in and around the Christmas tree. Today, however, I discovered a package with the next best thing.


What do I bring to this cultural smorgasbord that is our lives you may ask?

Yorkshire pudding and knowledge of Canadian folk music.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

A cheesy post. The last of it's kind, I swear.

So these two crazy people were united in marriage nearly 3 months ago. And life goes ever on.

Our honeymoon was spent exploring the streets of Montreal, and cruising the cobblestone alleyways of Old Quebec. We are tres cute, non?

After returning from our holidays in blissful rainy Quebec and recovering from our heinous colds, Yuri and I have settled into a semblance of normal life. Aka:Working and driving, and of course some whimsical madness when time and energy allow.


We are now preparing to spend our first Christmas together. Far away from our very missed families, but full of hope for a restful and joy filled time. A very Merry Christmas from us, to you.