Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm planning a picnic today. It is going to be a solitary excursion, as the people in my life all have important things to do today. I tend to avoid important things. Possibly a result of my Phlegmatic-Melancholic personality.

I'm thinking Guacamole, kettle chips, natural root beer, cold chicken, carrot sticks, and perhaps some peas from the garden...Anyone want to come along? Please say yes! I will read Farley Mowat aloud, and force you to listen! It's a steal of a deal.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

If I were a tree

NOTE: To watch this video in its full capacity, you may want to watch it in Youtube by double clicking on the screen.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A little ditty by a fella named Will.

Wasn't Will Sturgeon the name of "The Fish" in the Gordan Korman McDonald Hall books? If you haven't read them (I recommend them), they are about two teenage boys, Bruno and Boots who live at a boarding school in Toronto and pretty much get into trouble every day by the principle, Mr. Sturgeon. Did you know Gordan Korman wrote his first novel when he was 16 for a creative writing assignment?

I digress...

According to the The Uniter: Winnipeg's Weekly Urban Journal (aka: the University of Winnipeg's student newspaper) "the class of 2010 might be in for the worst employment climate young people have seen since the Second World War." As silly and as heartless as it sounds, I find it comforting that I am not alone in this predicament.

At least I don't have to wear a dress. Some things have improved since the 1940's.

I feel like a Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer would be a satisfying conclusion to this day. There is a certain allure to drinking tree roots in the middle of a thunderstorm.

"Many times around
I am lost and then I'm found
But i don't know who I am in this world."
-Nicole Reynolds

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A mid-summer's eve.

Poetic lyrics anyone? I like this guy. Oh Jeff, come to Winnipeg and melt my cold heart like the sun melts snow in spring.

I was the grateful recipient of a free Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks tonight, and consequently have nervous energy radiating from my knee caps and oozing out of the strands of my hair.

Too. Much. Caffeine...

One day I plan to build up a sufficient tolerance.

I have participated slightly in Fringe-ing activities, but I do not think I can sufficiently give any kind of review, as I have only attended one show thus far, and hence have nothing to compare it to (save the few shows that I took in last summer). But I can say that I greatly enjoyed the one show I have seen: "The Plank", and recommend it to anyone who enjoys pirates, woman power, and aerial dancing.
*****FIVE STARS *****

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jennie's Current Events, etc.

*I went to camp.
*I touched the bosom of a Famous Five at the Legislative building.

*I searched for jobs.

*I contemplated working at Subway.

*I read the news.

*I bought groceries and made a yummy salad.

*I got a book out of the library yesterday and read it this morning.

*I realized that indulging my reading habits is good for my soul, but bad for my to-do list.

My mom will chuckle at the eclectic nature of this young Irish chap. His hair sticks out and his eyes scrunch shut, but his music is genuine.

"All the words I mean to say they never come out the right way...there are sides that I could show you, but they'll never come out the right way, cause I've been in pieces."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Days

Last Days

Things are
changing; things are starting to
spin, snap, fly off into
the blue sleeve of the long afternoon. Oh and ooh
come whistling out of the perished mouth
of the grass, as things
turn soft, boil back
into substance and hue. As everything.
forgetting its own enchantment, whispers:
I too, love oblivion why not it is full
of second chances. Now,
hiss the bright curls of leaves. Now!
booms the muscle of the wind.
Mary Oliver

Monday, July 05, 2010

A little bit of everything....

I just have to say, I love this picture of my brother, despite the blurriness that is an iphone picture.

*I'm sniffing mucous and coughing up a persistent throat tickle.
*I had an emotional day yesterday. Damn you, feelings.
*I am a bad ass because I said "damn" and "ass".
*I went to St. Benedict's Table last night, and was uplifted.
*I got locked out of the house this morning at 7:30 in my pajamas and bedhead. I sat on the front steps for an hour and then I crawled in the kitchen window.
*I am going to be an aunty. And this pleases me very much.

not just some passing moment
a glance however open
but some deeper compassion
radiating permanency
not some morbid curiosity
some gushing pity
incompetent naivete

the cry of burnt out eyes
wounded bodies
addicted minds
can only be answered by some deeper love
in which is felt a strange presence of the eternal
a hope
a new security
not some passing glance
but deeper bonds
-Jean Vanier