Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jennie's Current Events, etc.

*I went to camp.
*I touched the bosom of a Famous Five at the Legislative building.

*I searched for jobs.

*I contemplated working at Subway.

*I read the news.

*I bought groceries and made a yummy salad.

*I got a book out of the library yesterday and read it this morning.

*I realized that indulging my reading habits is good for my soul, but bad for my to-do list.

My mom will chuckle at the eclectic nature of this young Irish chap. His hair sticks out and his eyes scrunch shut, but his music is genuine.

"All the words I mean to say they never come out the right way...there are sides that I could show you, but they'll never come out the right way, cause I've been in pieces."


Ray-Ann said...

Ha, I did smile at that young Irish chap and do agree that his music is genuine...reminds me that we have all been in "pieces" I have come to realize that for me Jesus is the glue to hold the bits together...he is the one who gives hope and a future...and what are you doing with your hand on that ladies bosom - and smiling while your doing it too!

Jennie said...

I'm gleaning from her the spiritual wisdom of the ages. See "The Secret Life of Bees" for further clarification. hee hee.

Kim said...

Which book did you read? I have been reading a lot as well :). Good for the soul yes... and to do lists will always be there tomorrow right?

I think you would make a beautiful sandwich artist if that is where you want to go!

p.s you will find your way!
p.p.s It was more of a grope, fondle of the statue :P.

Jennie said...

I read that Jodie Picoult book that I got out of the library when we were there on Monday...I didn't particularly like it though. It was a little too dramatic to resemble any sort of reality that I am familiar with.

I suppose if we are getting technical here, it was more of a stroke than a fondle. Although that doesn't really make me sound any less creepy.