Friday, March 21, 2008


I have too many assignments....There is too much in my mind that I can't focus. The snow is melting, and my heart is telling me to forget my woes and go for a long, contemplative walk. I think I shall. When I am walking I either have thoughts of great joy, and hope for the future, and excitement for life, or I am discouraged. In either mood, walking just soothes my soul, and helps me to process.

I am thinking about life in the city next year, and what is to come, and I cannot process it, because I don't know what is to come. If I had more information, or direction, then I could focus my thoughts. I am in a place of life that I have never entered before. Life is more open then I could have imagined. I can travel, I can work, I can go to school. I like knowing what is ahead of me. This is scary.

I am thinking about my sister leaving, and I am so happy. But it wasn't in my plan. I have to rethink my life...that sounds just a little melodramatic. I am also thinking about Allie getting married, and how the wheel of life turns in such a unique way, that it continuously catches me off gaurd.

Things that I know I like...(maybe this will narrow down my possibilities):
-I like children
-I like people
-I like gardens
-I like grey cats
-I like tea
-I like books
-I like sun
-I like flowers
-I like trees
-I like school
-I like Africa
-I like music
-I like dancing (alone!)
-I like sharing
-I like dark chocolate
-I like blankets
-I like cuddling