Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm reminiscing my west coast holiday by listening to some Fleet Foxes.

Ahh, were good to me.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A lil' Update

Alas, I have not been a consistent blogger as of late.

Some rather noteworthy events have occurred which I neglected to share, mainly:

1. My niece turned 5 months old.

2. My dating relationship turned 5 months old.

3. I went to Toronto and was in awe of Niagara Falls, strutted my stuff down Yonge Street, rode on the subway, braved the glass floor at the CN tower, peaked my head in the CBC broadcasting headquarters (I tried to get a glimpse of Jian Ghomeshi but to no avail), and yes dad, made a trip to the sky dome. I also attempted to speak Russian to Yuri's parents, and ended up calling them a "goat".

4. I celebrated the wedding of my dear friend Charis to her darling Rick.

5. I am attempting to grow my first eggplant.

6. I went kayaking for the first time and did not die or fall out.