Friday, November 03, 2006

Tea Time

Well, it is the third of November today, which means that this semester is more than half finished. Wow!! I am hoping to get all my classes registered today. I think I have decided that I am NOT going to take 7 classes, because I would like to survive the year mentally healthy. I am reading a very good book right now called, "The Search for Intimacy." Such a wonderful book!! I am on my way to finish a book, and write a paper! Oh, Lord sustain me through this paper-writing desert. I am feeling very unmotivated and just in need of a rest. Why does it seem as though everyone else has time to do everything but homework, whereas I feel as though I will never be finished?? I'm sure in reality there are many people who are even more overloaded with work than I will ever be, and in a way it is relieving to remember that I am not so bad off! All I want to do tonight, is to sit wrapped up in a quilt on my bed with a good book and a hot cup of tea, and music playing in the background. Ahhhhhhh...My ideal evening that doesn't ever seem to be happening these days. It is hard to find joy in these long paper writing evenings!


Anonymous said...

hey jennie! i enjoyed visiting with you this weekend. it was fun. i'm blessed to have you as my friend. i miss ya talk to you later.

Jennie Miller said...

Hey Calley, I'm so thankful that you could come for a was such a nice surprise. I wish I didn't have as much homework so we could have hung out more. I hope your job goes well this week! Love, Jennie

Brenda said...

You can do it Jennie!!! I believe in you! Although an evening of having nothing but down time sounds truly blissful.
Love, Brenda

Jennie Miller said...

Brenda, thank you for your encouragement today! I love you!! Jennie