Monday, January 28, 2008

I am immersed in writing papers and attempting to wrap my thoughts around new concepts and it is good. I am taking two literature courses this semester...and although I have taken numerable English classes before, I feel as though I am at last in a position where I can fully appreciate what I am learning. I love books...I cannot rid myself of this love. And I am realizing now that it is OK. When people write in such a way that I can feel a connection with their writing, it is a truly fulfilling experience. I think in some ways, being in school has caused me to lose sight of my love for expressions of art. I feel so caught up completing my daily to-do-lists, that I forget the yearnings of my soul. I forget the joy and relaxation that I experience when I am working on my drawings. I have forgotten the freedom and release that I feel when I dance to music. I have lost sight of my passion for books. But no longer...I am not going to relinguish the joy that I have in expressing myself, and experiencing other people's expressions. Everyday, I am going to look for ways to bring forms of beauty and art into my life, however small and insignificant they may seem, such as watching the sunset for a few minutes...or closing my eyes and really listening to the lyrics of a song.


Janna said...

Yay Jennie!
You found the time to blog! I hope that you also are able to find the time to appreciate beauty and art.
I love you!

Jennie Miller said...

thanks are an inspiring presence! I will write more! love you.