Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Update:

1) I enjoy working in the library. It is a pleasant mix of monotonous work, and, uh, well, shelving? I am developing good forearm muscles dragging the obstinate book cart around, and as for shelf shifting, well lets just say that I am morphing into super bionic woman who has muscles. No laughing please (ahem, Kim?)

2) I am significantly enjoying my classes. Of particular interest to me, is Clinical Practice, and Counselling Children and Adolescents. I am considering Bibliotherapy as an occupation...with additional uses of play therapy, art therapy and cinematherapy. Did you know that there was such a thing as using books to help children and adolescents work through issues?? How wonderful.

3) It is fall, and the leaves have descended. The beautiful trees that sheltered my head from the rain as I walk to school are quite bare. The air is getting colder, as is our house. Official apologies to all visitors. BYOS - Bring your own slippers...and mitts and scarfs and down blankets, etc. We will supply the hot beverage.

4) Check out The Weepies..

The End.


Calley said...

=) I like your story Jennie!

Michael said...

A super bionic woman, eh?

Jennie Miller said... is just disguised by my normal body self, hence Kim's tendency to laugh. little does she know that underneath my skin, i am made of steel!

nice puppy! when i saw your post title the lyrics from Oliver! (the musical) burst into my head, and are still there. thanks a lot.