Saturday, January 31, 2009 post or not to post.

At the moment I am feeling somewhat aloof. As though my experiences and thoughts are unique enough that I am the only one in the world who could somewhat relate with myself. I think that is why I am drawn to music and books and art and people. Sometimes there is a phrase, or a note, or a colour smear that moves my heart and reminds me of the existence of beauty and joy. Which then serves to prove that I am not alone. But rather I am a link, a movement, a part of this life thing. In simple terms, I think that it is easy to feel unique (which we are) but it is also important to remember that we are more alike than we realize, once we start talking and sharing our thoughts...

Here is the part where I share and force you to read about myself. This is called cyber relating.

10 things you probably never knew about Jennie:

1. I wanted to be a photojournalist for National Geographic for most of my life.

2. I never planned on moving to Manitoba. Ever. It just happened.

3. I played field hockey for one year. It did not end well. Something about my "high stick" tendency.

4. When I was in grade 9 I threw bouncy balls at cars from the top of a parkade. And I never got caught.

5. "Reading Rainbow" was my favourite show as a child.

6. In high school I learned that I could hide in the library and people thought I was smart...just because I read books. ha!

7. My hero is Ferris Bueller. He is just so cool.

8. Avocados are my favourite vegetable.

9. I experience middle child symptoms.

10. My nickname in elementary was "Bucky" because of my large, protruding front teeth. Thanks for the braces mom and dad.


ty said...

It took a long time for my head to catch up to the size of my teeth...I am overwhelmingly thankful for braces as well.

Great post Jennie, you have a gift for writing.

Lindsay said...

I planned #2, it didn't "just happen" it was all part of my plan. Some of those I don't even remember (#4, what?), clearly I must do penence for my self absorption during childhood. #7, totally agree. #5, what about the Umbrella Tree?

Is there really such a thing as cyber-relating? It sounds like a counselly type thing. Tried calling you today, but it was busy. Do you have a counselly word for that too?

Miss you

Jennie Miller said...

Thanks Tyler I appreciate the understanding from someone who has personally experienced the trials of an overbite. Your head fits your teeth very nicely now.

Linds, Number 4 definitely happened...don't doubt my devious tendencies. Ummm, "currently unavailable?" I miss you too. And your cherry pie.

darrell and ray-ann said...

you can always relate to your dad.... in a father/daughter sort of way. although I am currently unavailable for relating.

Jennie Miller said...

oh my.

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