Saturday, April 10, 2010

To the dark cosmic forces who did everything in their power to keep me from graduating:

I would just like to say...

I will be finished my Social Work degree in a week despite you.

So there.


Calley said...

Congratulations Jennie! I am proud of you and your persistence. You are going to make a great social worker!

Sasha said...

"Darn you Jennie! We tried every thing! You were too smart, too persistant, too much for us..."
"Yea, next time we'll get you.. just you try and change the world!"
"Shhh! Don't giver her any ideas, see what she's done already?"

[well done Jennie]

Anonymous said...

congrats Jennie. Fun to have crossed paths again and shared a bit of this road. I am excited to see as the good Dr. would say, "Oh the places you'll go!"

Sharon Kent said...

I trust graduation was a very special time for you, Jennie.