Monday, March 28, 2011


Along with the sunny weather and warmer temperatures, my energy is slowly returning! What a wonderful feeling to return home from work, and feel like I could do something other than sleep. Not that sleeping is bad...I'm a big fan of sleep...but there are other things in life that I enjoy.

Things beautiful baby niece! Check out this video clip of her cuteness...

Things like...thinking of what seedlings I wish to start in my indoor garden.

Things like...Going for walks for reasons other than catching the bus.


matt said...

Glad you're feeling better! Yes, it's wonderful to find non-utilitarian reasons to go walking in the outdoors:)

Anonymous said...

Jennie is on the mend...hooray! I am happy for you, and for me, so that at last I can stop worrying if I need to catch the next plane flying east. Not that I don't want to fly east, just not for an emergency thank you very much!!