Saturday, September 10, 2011

Go On

Autumn is on its way. Despite the favourable temperatures this past week it is clear summer is coming to an end in the subtle changing of leaves and the crisp early mornings.

Ahh September. The month of new beginnings.

Some of Jennie's Autumn news:

1. Moved to a lovely little house with a spiral staircase and an attic nook where I can hide away from the world when need be.

2. Bought a coffee plant. I aspire for it to eventually grow beans.

3. Bought a dining room table which oddly felt like my biggest adult decision yet.

4. Turned 25 years of age. Ah, quarter of a century, you cause great reflection on the meaning of life.

5. Listened to some great bands.

I dedicate this lil' song to my friend Laura who has embarked on an exciting new journey.


Mama said...

Welcome back, o blogger! I missed you. Hopefully the nook will inspire further musings....

laura said...

I love you!

laura said...

ps subscribe to my travel blog:
and i love the song