Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fickle as the Wind

Old people are fickle. Last week I was swung at, yelled at, and sworn at. This week I have received so many compliments that my head has begun to swell to massive proportions.
"What a tight, young body you have." (That's right)
"My dear, you just keep getting better looking each time I see you" (I did shower this morning)
"What a lovely outfit you have on" (I was wearing scrubs, ugh)

My brain is also quite fickle.
"Holy moly I'm getting married!"
"Huh? I'm getting married? Noooo way"
"I love this fricken boy, I can't wait to build my life with him".
"Say what?" *blank stare*

Apparently this new stage of life is still settling in.

I've been reading this book called, "Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married". I'm trying to glean as much wisdom as I can from other people's experiences.

Lesson for today, "All of us are human and humans sometimes do and say things that are demeaning to other people." You're saying I can't be the perfect partner and say the right thing all the time? Oh poop.

Any wisdom to share for a scared, excited, happy girl who gets to marry a cute boy in seven and a half months?


Matthew said...

It's funny that what's sometimes said by older people, in any other context, would be grounds for sexual harassment.

As far as 'wisdom' goes, one thing I can suggest is to recognize that issues or problems are relative to our perspective.

So communicating the perspective we're looking at things from is just as important as, if not more so than, communicating the particular problems and issues we see and want to address with our partner.

Communication is great but it's not the answer, in and of itself. If we're communicating fairly irrelevant details but missing out on the bigger picture of a shared context for understanding then it's possible we'll just end up feeling frustrated and misunderstood without much progress.

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