Monday, May 07, 2012


Tis May, and the leaves doth unfurl amidst the fresh, spring rain.

 I'm quite partial to the Spring season, although as an Indie wannabe, I am also aware that that more obscure the season, the more I should like it. Spring usually fits into a more, shall we say, well-liked category. With the dismissal of Winter, Spring's sun drenched hand beckons the warmth as though it were a gentle embrace. Tender, hesitant, satisfying.

I like Spring.

Noteworthy Facts.
 .My tulips are beginning to bloom.
.I've been eating a lot of porridge lately.
.I like days off.
.There is such as thing as too much bingo.Yes, Mrs.Smith, it's true, I cannot call B-4 one more time without some sort of cataclysmic event occurring.
.I like Yuri. He brings me flowers "just because."
.I've purchased my first pair of high heels, brand new! Both exciting and painful, these shoes will accompany me to many upcoming posh events...such as the 5 weddings I am attending this summer. Seriously, there is way too much stinkin' love these days.

A Rainy Day Playlist (for those of you who enjoy music in an obscure, melancholy form with interludes of sunny tunes)
 The Barr Brothers - "Old Mythologies"
Agnes Obel - "Riverside"
Teen Daze - "Everywhere"
Matt Paxton - "Shore Pine Walk"
Apparat - "Sweet Unrest"
Kathleen Edwards - "Empty Threat"
Peter Bradley Adams - "Emily's Rain"
School of Seven Bells - "The Night"
Jon Bryant - "Think Back"
Matthew and the Atlas - "I Followed Fires"
Of Monsters and Men - "Yellow Light"


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