Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas in Pictures

For our families and friends who are far away, I present you:

A Winnipeg Christmas

                                              Chloe and I hanging out while
                                             mommy and daddy go shopping.

The leg o' lamb meets his match in Yuri's 
cooking vengeance.
                                             A lonely, yet beautiful Christmas Eve
                                                           with just each other.


                                                         Our tree of many blessings

 Christmas Morning!
Lindsay, Chuck, and Chloe arrive just in time for blini

Tatyana arrives with more food. 
Russians love food. 

Waiting for dinner to commence.

Reveling in the rare glory of doing...nothing. 

Chloe is ready to eat.

A few days later...

Celebrating 3 months of marriage. 
A trip to the forks. 

At Saucers Cafe.
Jennie's favourite Tea Bar. 

Revisitng the place we got married, 
Assiniboine Park.

On our way to Otterburne for a New Years

Uncle Yuri gets..."The Look"

Despite the lack of mistletoe, these two still snuck kisses.

Beautiful day in the country.

Chuck and Yuri relaxing.

Skyping with Nanny, Papa and Uncle Will in BC

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mom said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas in pictures! I loved them all and enjoyed all the faces and scenery. I am looking forward to a Christmas together sometime. Dont know when but I have hope that it will happen! Love you both, Mom