Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yuri would call this video incredibly "hipster" but it reminds me of Nelson and makes me deeply homesick for BC. I happened to see Dan Mangan (the singer with the tambourine) perform live on a warm, sun splattered July day when I was home for a summer holiday. I sat on the grass listening to his music and dreamed of a life full of travel and adventure. I thought that if I could only explore the world I would finally understand my part in it. Two degrees, a husband, and several years have occurred since. I feel somewhat more accomplished, but still just as perplexed. Particularly in regards to the ever pondered question: "But where to live?"

Tonight, I pick the mountains.

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Ray-Ann said...

I remember being in the park with you and listening to him. I hope you get some time in the mountains sometime soon. We'll keep praying about, where to live. It's an important decision.