Monday, May 12, 2014

Jennie's day off...

Yuri half leaps, half stumbles out of bed at a glorious 5:50 am, leaving a mostly comatose Jennie in his pillowed wake.

An hour and a half later Jennie awakes due to her internal alarm clock beeping incessantly reminding her that she is late for her non-existent shift.

A lazy roll out of bed and the first cup of tea of the day is made.

A load of laundry.

A peep at "Love it or List it". Guilty pleasure.

Search for cute house rentals on Kijiji. Found one! It's perfect! Emailed! Aaand it's not available. Nevermind. 

Some yoghurt and chia seeds are consumed.

The kitchen is tidied and scrubbed.

Time for second breakfast! Eggs! Cheese! Tomatoes flecked with cilantro!

A second cup of tea and a rather languid peruse of my Russian notes.

A moment of frustrated self pity that I will never be able to speak nor understand this language.

A harsh self admonishment to study more. 

Blow nose for umpteenth time. I'm not getting sick...not getting sick?

To do list is made for all the packing and errands before we leave for holidays.

Nothing is scratched off...hmm.

An incredibly British looking sky outside beckons my presence.

Jennie capers off...


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