Sunday, August 13, 2006

Things to Work on

Some things I have been thinking and praying about lately...

"Your loving concern for others will increase your authority and influence their lives." David L. Hocking "Be a Leader People Follow"

-I want to have a genuine loving concern for people. Sometimes I catch myself being nice to people for the sole purpose of getting them to like me. But it isn't about me! Which leads me to my second thought........

"We are to bear one another's burdens and thus fulfill Christ's law. He bore all our griefs, infirmities, and sorrows. But we are also told to bear our own burdens. This must mean to shoulder them bravely, to think twice before laying them onto the shoulders of others who may be more heavily laden than we are...Above all it means learning Calvary love - forgetfulness of self in order to be strong to serve." Elizabeth Elliot "Passion and Purity"

-I need to stop focusing on my own needs and advantages when I serve others, and focus on others and the cross instead. Then I will be strong.

"When we do not have security in our relationship with God, we will be restlessly running from activity to activity, subconsciously hoping that our activity will fill the void in our lives. We are afraid to stop and be silent before God lest it cause us to face up honestly to what is happening in our lives." Ajith Fernando "Jesus Driven Ministry"

-I do this all the time. I don't want to see where I am going wrong, so I avoid it altogether.

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