Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of my Christmas holiday thus far. I went skating on our neighbour's cute outdoor skating rink last night. It was great fun until the end when I fell over and got a big bruise on my knee.


sunnyyang813 said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello there! Neat to see some pictures from your break! Hope that you enjoy the rest of it beofre it is back to the books! Love Juanita

Jennie Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Juanita!! I hope you are having a good holiday. It sounds like we are arriving in Winnipeg on the same day, so I will hopefully see you on Friday! Love, Jennie

Brenda said...

Hello Dear Lady!!

Great pictures. Nice to see a few from your world. See you soon.


Jennie Miller said...

Hey Brenda! How was your holiday? I've been looking at your flickr...amazing pictures my friend! I was supposed to fly today but my flight was canceled due to SNOW, bummer...Well, see you soon (I hope)! Love Jennie

Brenda said...

Hiya Jennie,
My holiday was good. Very lazy. Too much flickr...must stop... Thanks for checking it out. You're kind.
You get some more time at home. More of a break. Lovely. Or are you ready to come back?
When are you flying?
Love you,

Jennie Miller said...

Hi Brenda!! I am here at Prov! Hurray, I got a flight! See you around soon! Love Jennie

Lindsay said...

Jennie! It's not Christmas anymore. Time for a new posting, since you know I'm eagerly awaiting it. Have a lovely weekend lovely sister!
Love Lindsay