Monday, March 19, 2007

BUSY, busy, life is busy, but WONDERFUL!! I had a beautiful weekend (at my sister's!!!) and I feel rejuvinated and refreshed. But am I refreshed enough to tackle the insurmountable amount of homework that is beginning to arise in the near future and is even now beginning to grip me!!!??? (big deep breath in and out. **SIGH**) I know I will get it all done, but how well, and with what sacrifices, I'm not sure.

My parents are in Mexico showing the love of God to cute, brown, little children. I wish I could be there. Sometimes while being in school I feel as though I am not really fufilling any purpose. That sounds silly cause I am learning so much. However, I would like to start GOING and DOING things, and being active in a church and community, and building lasting relationships and serving people. I am content where I am...but sometimes I wonder at where it is taking me, and what purpose it will have in my life. If only I could forsee the future, perhaps it would still this bubble of panic that rises in my chest whenever I think of summer jobs or what I am going to do after I graduate. I want to GO somewhere and SERVE, but I guess I am glad I am not, because I definitely have a lot of FEAR!!


Brenda said...

Oh Jennie-Pooh! You ARE being used by God right where you are. I have no doubt. Your presence is healing to others. I'm so thankful that you are here. Although Mexico sure does sound appealing right now... :) Love you!

Jennie Miller said...

Thanks Brenda! You are so encouraging. Hope you are feeling better! Love Jennie