Friday, December 19, 2008


I was hoping that if I changed the aesthetic appearance of this blog, it may bring forth more profound thoughts. Poor misguided Jennie.


I am enjoying home life: the pungent smell of the enormous 11 ft. Christmas tree in our living room, the crackling of the fire, the blue sky that has broken free of the thick layer of clouds, the availability of delicious treats that are remaining from my parents 25th anniversary bash, listening to Sheree Plett's Christmas songs...

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Janna said...

did you get the sheree plett christmas album? best thing ever.

C.S. Perry said...

I think it only fair to warn you that the words "social" and "justice" are antithetical.

ty said...


I am a bit of a blog stalker, I confess, and came across your blog through the wonderful sport of blog hopping. may I say that you have a very well written blog, and wonderful taste in music. I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my sidebar.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Jennie Miller said...

Hey Tyler, of course you may put me on your sidebar. I am happy that you like my music! It is one of my dearest delights, finding artists and putting them on my blog. I am always welcome to any suggestions. Happy Christmas also.

googler said...