Saturday, February 07, 2009

Can it be?

I am home alone today. Everyone is at work.
This is pretty much the rarest thing ever when you live with 6 other people. I am planning to wash my floor, and do some laundry, and cook something, and maybe I will do some homework. Maybe. The weather is very beautiful and cloudy, and gray and WARM! I may go for a walk also.

Yesterday while working in the library, this lady come in with a visor hat that read: "God, one day I will be rich." This individual was searching for a celibate priest who lived in a church...because she had one in Ireland. I informed her that the Salvation Army officers were generally not celibate and usually didn't live in churches, but she said she just needed help looking for one on the computer. And so, 45 minutes later, after a long, detailed conversation regarding her mission in life (to advocate for her recently deceased friend) we stumbled on google upon a church nearby that was open for drop-in on Friday afternoons. I cheerfully printed out the address, and stamped and dated the sheet (so I could be remembered for my kindness for the rest of her life) and the lady went on her way, to seek justice and wealth, and turn to her last hope, God.

And then I went back to shelving.

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