Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am in the middle of a dark, tumultuous mist of paper-writing...and yet I cannot help but express my joy at the sunshine coming through my window, and the bag of chocolate chips at my side, and the good music playing through my headphones, and the comforting awareness of roommates in the house. The only thing that would make this moment a little brighter is a hot cup of tea, or warmed up coffee (don't worry it is decaf...or maybe that will make you worry because of the chemicals used to get rid of the caffeine that I would be consuming. At least I won't be running around Wolesly due to excess energy, cause that would be silly. You have to have a dog to run around Wolsely. Everyone has a dog here. Except for the poor college students). Wow. That was a long parentheses.

Ok, my momentary interlude is over.

Peace to you.


darrell and ray-ann said...

I like how you find simple pleasures in hard is a life skill.

Jennie Miller said...

thanks mommy!!! it is a life indeed. :)

Kim said...

Jennie you never cease to amaze me at your positivism. Thank you for being such an amazing room-mate. I know this year hasn't been just a simple ride. Let's face it, its tough! Yet you are resilient, and continue to persist in the name of social justice.
Jennie I respect and admire you greatly. Thanks for walking with me through this.
p.s I love the song on your blog! It is making me cry...