Monday, May 25, 2009

Identity Crisis

The staff room coffee pot is like a looming presence that I have resisted for several weeks, and have at last accepted as part of my morning routine. Yes. I think I am addicted. This is creating havoc with my prolonged tea drinking routine. I have to cut back on the caffeinated tea in order to make room for my newly formed coffee drinking habit. This is creating tension between my tea self, and my emerging coffee self.

My mother is arriving for a little visit in approximately 14 hours. I am pretty excited. I am trying to scheme my way out of practicum tomorrow afternoon to hang out with her. Maybe if I bring doughnuts to dunk in the infamous staff room coffee.

Funny story as told to me by roommate Kate:
Kate was walking down good ol' Westminister Ave, when she saw some kids riding by on their bikes, yelling and swearing, and dropping the f-bomb as many times as physically possible. A gigantic man in a trench coat who was walking behind Kate boomed, "hey, stop that swearing or wash your mouth out with organic soap." Sigh, it reminds me of dear Nelson, except there was an absence of the sweet scent of marijuana lingering in the air.


Steph said...

hey jennie,
i really like reading your blog. i'm getting to know you better through it, and love you more. you are very wise and very humble. i sense that you have found some sort of secret to living successfully in the tension of life. :) at least that's what i sense.. and it makes me happy. so thank you.

Jennie Miller said...

thanks steph :)

darrell and ray-ann said...

tension with coffee? dump the drip.... espress it or walk away! get back to your nelson roots jen!
love you and miss you

Janna said...
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Janna said...

jennie, i am so proud to hear of your developing coffee addiction. i think we will now be even better friends :) i hope you had a wonderful time with your mom. oh, also, i think that your tea self and your emerging coffee self should talk and be friends, because that's what my coffee self and emerging tea self did a while back, and now we all live happily together.