Monday, June 08, 2009

I have an unfortunate case of the stomach flu. I forgot how much I hate throwing up. So now that you have a visual picture of me standing over the toilet retching, I will show you how I am spending my time between episodes (and, no it does not include writing my paper...)

Watch this :)

Every time I see Julia lying on the floor I giggle, because I can just imagine my a certain member of my family doing the exact same thing. ha ha ha!!! I am deeply amused.

I also made up a little ditty about having the flu. It is sung to the child's tune of "We're Going to the Zoo".

I have got the stomach flu, flu, flu,
Oh, How about you, you, you,
You could have it too, too, too,
So wash your hands, do, do, do.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Janna, make sure you wash your hands, because I am pretty sure I breathed on you last night.)


Katie Swan said...

A) I hope you feel better soon!!!
B) I'm sorry I'm not there to help you feel better! I could totally wash you brow with a cool cloth and make you some chicken soup...actually there's some chicken broth in a pink bowl in the freezer in the downstairs fridge if you want some help's homemade.
C) I so want to see that movie, because I think it's my new favourite...based on the preview. Is it out?? Can I watch it with you??

Jennie Miller said...

A) I am feeling much better today!
B) I wish you were here too. I ate eggs this morning...but your chicken soup sounds amazing. Maybe later :)
C) Doesn't it look like a fun movie? I think it comes out August 7th...
Check out this link:

Janna said...

i just saw this now, but i didn't get the flu flu flu. so i am happy, because i already had a sick day last week, so it would have been sucky to be sick yet again. so no worries. i'm glad you're feeling better!