Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dr. D

Today is Father's day, and I would like to commemorate my daddy through this post for his utter diligence and devotion to his family.

Good job dad.
I would have made you a cake if I were a few miles closer.

Some facts that I would like to share about my dad:

-my dad makes the best coffee in the world, by roasting his own beans, and experimenting with beans from different countries...look out starbucks.

-my dad is the hardest working person ever. Even on his days off, he is busy. I am feeling guilty just thinking about it.

-my dad is a very well read person. And he likes to learn about things, like facebook and guitars and beer.

-my dad has this weird obsession with strawberries and rhubarb.

-my dad is definitely an oldest child.

-my dad used to ride motorcycles until he had kids.

-my dad has the most hilarious humour and I probably appreciate his terrible puns more than I should.

-my dad likes candles.

-my dad talks to my cat when he thinks no one else can hear him.

-my dad would play baseball with me and tell me encouraging things.

-my dad prays for me everyday.

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Anonymous said...

your dad is pretty stellar