Sunday, August 09, 2009

Happy Sigh

I'm pretty sure I love being home.

At the moment I am sitting outside listening to the hum of crickets, with a black cat sleeping on my feet, and a warm breeze ruffling my hair into my eyes so I cannot see. Oh joyous.

I have experienced some pretty amazing things since I have been home, and I have been able to refresh a spirit that was rather dry. You know your spirit is losing its life when it gets harder to laugh. A holiday was imperative.

My Recent holiday experiences:

1. Realizing that the bathing suit that used to belong to my sister, and that I have owned since I was 12 is now too tight for comfort.

2. Turning one year older always provides opportunity to reflect on the experiences throughout the year, such as nearly shriveling up into a pile of dust after this past year at Booth College, and perfecting my ability to write my papers in between sniffles and random angry outbursts, because the first copy didn't save properly.

3. Listening to a delightful concert by a man named Dan Mangan.

4. Being completely, overwhelmingly, magnificently surprised by two impish roommates who decided to trek hundreds of kilometers to visit grand BC and wish me a happy birthday. Golly!

5. Taking part in illegal activity. Pictures will be posted. Because I feel guilty and I need to come clean.

6. Eating two whole birthday cakes by myself.

7. Eating scads of fresh raspberries and huckleberries smothered in cream.

8. Eating...well, lots of free food.

9. Swimming a lot. This is a thing I have never really done, but I quite enjoyed it. Especially in the moonlight in my birthday suit (note: indecent exposure is not the aforementioned illegal activity and no pictures will be provided).

10. Hanging out with my family is pretty cool. Right now they are at the local Nelson workout gym, becoming toned and gaining vast amounts of muscle. I don't mind. Someone has to stay home and watch for bears. The other day my mom and I stepped in bear poop up to our kneecaps while picking huckleberries. Yuck!

1 comment:

Katie Swan said...

1. Yes. Go shopping. Try on everything we give you.

2. Booth College is actually the devil in disguise. There's nothing Christian about it.

3. No comment.

4. One of them was me!!! Hee hee. I'm impish. :)

5. Paradise. Beautiful. I dream of its beauty. And it's danger. Life on the wild side...what have we come to Jennie?!

6. Unless there were some other secret birthday cakes, I'm pretty sure this did not happen! (I happen to be guilty of eating some of them too!!)

7. Just make sure you pick them rasberries the right way missy! Mmm huckleberries!

8. Can't go wrong there!!!

9. Swimming a lot was my fault. I can't believe you are a skinny dipper Jennie! That apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

10.Sounds beautiful.

11. I like numbers!!! HA ha. Love you!!!