Wednesday, October 14, 2009

After a night and a day of driving, I am back in Winnipeg. Being home was wonderful and sunny and crisp...and I pretty much sat on the couch writing papers the whole time. Funny how school can just weasle into your holdiay...BUT...enough talk of that painful subject.

I must say that I rather enjoyed the drive to and from Nelson. Lots of opportunity for thinking and being quiet with those thoughts, and the fall colours weren't bad either. I did have a rather hilarious experience during an early morning turn that I took to drive when the white painted lines on the road started to peel off the pavement and do little dances. I termed this experience as exhaustion induced hallucinations. Although it could also be due to a mental disorder caused by writing too many for thought, professors, food for thought.

I did take a couple of breaks in between the stupid papers to go apple picking, apple juicing, and of course to eat the beautiful meal of delight on Sunday. And here I digress to marvel over the food that was consumed. Turkey, mashed potatoes (from my mom's garden), carrots and beans (also from the garden), stuffing that my sister is famous for, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, AND homemade apple and pumpkin pie. mmmmm.

And now, here I sit. I am in the library trying to organize my life which includes contacting student loans who seem to have forgotton about my application, figuring out what assigment is due next, and refurbishing my school notebooks, which seem to be full of handouts that need to be hole-punched.

Life is beautiful.

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Katie Swan said...

i like hole punching. and i'm not that bad at it. my holes usually line up. i could help...if you ever had your phone on.
Glad you made it safely back!