Sunday, October 25, 2009

Because I dislike school and need to remind myself about the good stuff...

...Here is a list of things that I have been enjoying lately:

1. Listening to The Acorn.
2. The soggy leaves that have strewn across the road.
3. Wearing scarves.
4. Drinking black tea with milk and a little honey.
5. Holding a warm mug in my hands.
6. Admiring the neighbors' carved pumpkins.
7. Admiring The Avett Brothers. In case you need a visual:

8. My art work.
9. My good health.
10. Melancholy moments.
11. Enjoying the company of some good people.
12. Breathing. Yes. This is nice.
13. Taking a few moments to just sit and think.
14. Thinking of hilarious puns about drugs that seem to pop up everywhere including church. "Taking a trip" ahahahaha.


Kim said...

Hey you. Hang in there. I am glad you are looking at the positive aspect of things.
Just know you are loved :)
Can we set up a skype date sometime?

Jennie Miller said...

Thanks friend...i don't know what your time difference is. How does friday afternoon sound?

Janna said...

I see you found some Welcome Wagon ;)

Jennie Miller said...

YEP! I sure did!! Thanks Janna.