Thursday, June 03, 2010

Because I can't convey my heart and soul in a musical confection...

...I would love to share some people who can.

Jordan Klassen
-Good music if you are in a contemplative mood, it is both relaxing and inspiring.

Zaac Pick
-A bit outdoorsy sounding. Makes me wanna go for a walk.

Pat Lepoidevin
-Music that makes me feel like I would like to be a man. Not really sure why.

The Good Lovelies
-Some really cool girls.

Corey Isenor
-I like him. Vulnerable and approachable. I feel as though could have a conversation with this person.

Dan Griffin
-I don't remember why I liked him.

-Who doesn't like some good French music every now and again?

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
-Ha! laughter and art coincide in a foot-stampin' good time.

Tilly and the Wall
-I am cute and vivacious music that lingers in your soul.

Land of Talk
-Occasionally melancholy. I needed a tissue.


darrell and ray-ann said...

About Dan Griffin....I totally know why you like him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie,
I stumbled on your blog through Facebook creeping (I will admit it!) and I like it.
Also, I had no idea that our music tastes were so similar - it's funny the things that are missed even when sharing a bathroom.
Actually Zaac Pick is the brother of a good friend of mine from Medicine Hat, and my husband and I just caught a show of his out here on the island, and it was super.

Jennie said...

Jenae! So fun that you found me! I'm gonna read your blog now...I'm so jealous of you, cause it seems like all the artists that I love the most are from BC, and don't do shows in winnipeg very often...:( I should visit my parents more often...