Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These Days

These days I have been floundering a little. Searching for a job has been causing me to search for my existential purpose in life, and I am unsure of the direction I am supposed to go. There has been no sign post, no audible voice, no words drawn in the sand directing me. What did I want to do with my life again? I forget.

Despite the lack of an occupation...and the subsequent worries that co-exist with this type of lifestyle, I have been keeping busy with little adventures that I have been longing to do the past two years and couldn't due to the daily horrors of studenthood.

1. Trips to the library...I like to sit at the tables in the back on the fourth floor. The sun streams in, and the smell of musty non-fiction is more enjoyable than I remember it being. Perhaps because the context is different.

2. Gardening. Aside from my daily garden adventures, which include pulling up dead Boxwood that has roots the size of a refrigerator, I have been to two gardening workshops at Sage Garden Herbs, a local greenhouse that is the delight of my heart. The last workshop I went to was called the Summer Solstice Workshop, and we learned about magical herbs, and danced around a bonfire of burning embers. I made a pot with a strawberry plant, marigolds, a sunflower, a pepper plant, a flower called Midnight Candy that blooms only at night and smells spicy sweet, and some other plants that I can't remember. Here is a picture of my pot. Please note that it is in cauldron. How else are magical plants to be grown?

3. Reading. I just finished The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. Here is a sampling of the poetic passages that are in this little gem of a book: "The woods will have their own way even with those obvious dandelions. In a little while all that obtrusive yellowness and complacency will be gone and we'll find here misty, phantom-like globes hovering over these long grasses in full harmony with the traditions of the forest."

4. Cooking/Baking...actually this is just a prelude to the actual action of cooking. Today I want to make The Best Coffee Cake EVER, and Macaroni and Cheese.

5. Doing the Bikini Blast Workout video with Kim. "Blast away that fat, and get ready to have a bikini body all year round." Oh yeah.

6. Dreaming about traveling to the East Coast. On a train.

7. Walking. Walking around the neighborhood. Walking and listening to the ol' Ipod. Walking and reflecting. Walking and swatting mosquitoes.


Ray-Ann said...

I love you Jennie

Katie Swan said...

Oooh. The train. The East Coast...must go there before PEI is swallowed up by the oil.

Mosquitos. Ick. When they fogged the 2nd time, I had all my windows open again.