Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Storm after the calm.

I just started working as a recreation facilitator at a nursing home. I am only a casual which means my hours are generally unknown, although I've been spending a lot of time the last couple of weeks getting to know the residents (there are over 150) and learning what each one likes in their coffee or tea. And for some, their preference changes quickly, like the gentleman who always asks for sugar in his tea, and then proclaims moments later that it is too sweet and he would like a fresh cup.

I've quickly been gaining a collection of hilarious one-liners from certain residents at my new job...here is a small sampling:

Male resident whistles at me.

Me: "Did you just whistle at me?"

Resident: "No"...(Long Pause)..."I whistled at your rear-end."

Male resident states that his pants are falling down
Another female resident nearby responds: "Oh Goody, a bum!"

I just realized that both of these one-liners refer to the butt....next time I will try and have more variety.

I am thankful for this job.

Being busy with work has been a refreshing if somewhat exhausting change from my lovely hiatus. It has also been a wee bit stressful, and my body has succumbed to a germ and as a result I am sick and cankersore ridden. I am also grumpy, which is an even less endearing quality, but in the spirit of honesty and vulnerability, I feel like sharing.

Grumpy, sick Jennie crawls under her fuzzy green blanket and thinks about how nice it would be to live closer to her mother, so that she could have tea made for her, someone to tuck in the blankets and remind her to gargle with salt water.

Grumpy, sick Jennie watches Grey's Anatomy.

Grumpy, sick Jennie wishes she had a vanilla milkshake, even though she knows the sugar would likely just prolong the illness.

Grumpy, sick Jennie wishes she had caught the right bus this morning so that she could sit beside the cute boy, instead of catching the wrong bus and having to run 10 blocks to work.

Grumpy, sick Jennie likes this music, even though it reminds her about the reality of Manitoba winters, as depicted below by The Wilderness of Manitoba.

Don't worry. It's still Autumn. For now.


ty said...

Ha! those are great one-liners. All the best comedy comes from nursing homes.

Hope you start feeling better!

mom said...

Love you Jennie, wish you were closer too, or that I was. I laughed at your blog post and I really needed that! Don't trip on any dentures!

Jennie said...

You're right Tyler, they say the funniest things. I laugh everyday.

Don't worry mom, I'm very careful now.