Friday, September 03, 2010

Back with a bang.

It was raining yesterday as I made my way out of the airport with bags in tow. I paused to get my jacket out of my suitcase, and then I dashed across the street to catch the bus. The bus came, and I ran, and my shoe went flying, and my knee went bang. I "oooof'ed" as my luggage flew about, and the bus driver smiled sweetly and handed me a transfer.

I recommend Green Tea and Kathryn Calder in a patch of therapy for public humiliation.

It is September 2010. I thought I would dread this day. I thought I would wish back past days. I thought I would want to go to school forever. But in reality, I am thrilled that this year will include paper work that will reap financial stability as opposed to letter grades. My well-wishes for those of you about to embark upon another year of academic ventures. May you fare better than I.


Anonymous said...

how is your bruise? Poor you. Congratulations on your new job and here's to new beginnings! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is your mama