Sunday, August 29, 2010

Season Poem

Can it be the changing of seasons has already begun? I sit under a warm blanket with my cup of tea, looking into the parking lot of my parent's new townhouse complex. It is +15 here in Kamloops and I have cold hands. Can you hear the crackle of change in the air? It is frightening and exciting and inevitable. I welcome this next season of life. I look forward to whatever the heck it is that I will encounter. Although I hope that it includes some of my favourite things, such as music and tea, laughter and friends, last trips to the farmers market, harvesting my wee garden, and planting bulbs for next spring's enjoyment.

"I’ve never been the one to shout because I listen
I don’t like to raise my voice
Maybe I should learn to lose my inhibitions
and let my feelings make some noise
You don’t know what I’m going through
When silence is all I give to you"
Jack Savoretti - from "Between the Minds"

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