Monday, October 18, 2010

I need to clean my room

I'm cold despite my long johns and wool socks. I suppose this is a foreshadowing of future cold evenings in Jennie's bedroom. Sort of romantic in a depressing, Jane Eyre sort of way.

I need a heater.

I am enjoying my job.

This week's funny stories at the nursing home:

Two elderly residents both with Alzheimers have a particularly close connection with one another, although both are married to other people. The female resident whispers to a staff member in a dreamy voice: "____ has been very attentive lately, I think he may propose marriage, although I need to make sure that he gets baptized first."

A staff member is showing a resident to her room, and the resident remarks, "My, what a nice street this is. I'm so glad that I live in this area of the city."

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Mom said...

You crack me up! Great stories....glad you are getting all this experience so that you are ready when I get alzheimers next week.