Saturday, October 30, 2010

Isn't my sister pretty?

This picture was taken at Eat! The restaurant in Aqua Books, which has delicious food as well as Manitoba Rooibos, which is a beautiful tea.

They also have cool tea pots.

Chuck was also at Eat!

Funny stories from the nursing home:

Male resident sitting in the dining room chewing on his breakfast toast exclaims to no one in particular: "Excuse me! Umm, I think I have the wrong teeth."

A male resident is sitting in the dining room, having just finished his lunch. As I passed by his table, I asked, "Hey, how are you doing?" To which he responded, "I'm fed up." I was surprised because usually this particular gentleman is quite amiable and happy, so I asked, "What's the matter?" The resident responded, "I just ate lunch." I paused, and pondered whether the lunch was particularly bad that day, until my brain finally caught up. I love puns.

A female resident in a wheelchair leans towards another male resident sitting in a wheelchair next to her. She asks gently, "Excuse me, are you going to the dance tonight?" To which the gentleman responded, "Well, I suppose so." The lady asked hesitantly, "Well, would you like to accompany me? We could have a lot of fun. I'll give you my number." I looked at the male resident, curious as to his response to this invitation, and discovered that he had fallen asleep.

Sidenote: There is not a large selection of available men at the nursing home, and I am quickly learning that this poses a slight dilemma for the women who are, well, looking.


Anonymous said...

You do have a pretty sister and her husbands dimple is pretty cute too! Well no dull moments at work anyway...thanks for the laugh. Love

ty said...

I love your nursing home stories! Write a book :)

laura said...

hehe. Good stories Jennie!
And yes, I love that Keats poem. He really knew how to sum things up didn't he? Are you visiting us this weekend?