Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Here comes the bombshell...

"If you look at the horizon
there is always something ducking out of sight
When you’re looking at the treetops
and they’re scratching out their patterns in the sky
Look up, open the clouds
Here comes the bombshell
On the way home…"


matt said...

After reading the title my immediate thought was, "Pregnant?" I mean, that's one of the biggest bombshells I could think of.

I'm assuming you're not pregnant. But if you are, congratulations:)

Jennie said...

ha ha...that's funny...definitely not pregnant...the song was actually meant to reflect my day at work, where I helped a man drink his last beer..."open up the clouds, here comes the bombshell."

The guy is a metaphorical bombshell.

It wasn't particularly well thought out.

He is a nice guy. Really.

Anonymous said...

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