Tuesday, November 16, 2010


* I think I would like to go to the Bodies Exhibit.

* I received 2 marriage proposals yesterday. Both from married men. Both from men over 80. One of the gentlemen remarked, "Where you go, I will go". I hated to point out that this was one promise he would not be likely to keep.

* I booked my flights to go home for Christmas and I'm bringing my little brother back to Winnipeg with me for a visit.

* I had a terrible dream two nights ago, and it involved several of the elderly residents and I in prison together...it wasn't pretty. There was vomit and fistfights.

* I now have a little heater in my room, and it is making my world a happier place.

* I have already managed to loose my mittens, and it hasn't even snowed yet. This is probably a record, and yet somehow not surprising.

* I have been listening to Aqualung lately.


mom said...

Hey Jenn,
Before you say "yes" to any of these older gentlemen, check and see if there is any money in the family hey...(just kidding. no, really)

laura said...

I have a solution to your mitten problem! I found them in the backseat of my car. :) Your hands will soon know their warmth once more.

Jennie said...

Laura! That is so funny! I have some surrogate mittens that I managed to find in our crazy closet, so my hands are warm!

Janna said...

Jennie, this blog made me happy. And if you have not yet gone to Bodies, I would say you should seriously consider going. I understand that it is a little controversial, and yet it is so so fascinating that I let that overrule ethical considerations. This is probably a bad sign for the state of my current decision making practices.