Monday, December 09, 2013

Blue Christmas

I'm feeling bluesy tonight, but I'll try not to spoil your holiday cheer.

I'm feeling the realities of adulthood upon me. No longer can I rely on others to bring the holiday spirit to me, it is time to create my own magic.

Alas, magic is hard to create when one is in the midst of a drastic cold snap (-32 tonight), when one has to work on Christmas day itself, when one has a cankersore that has decided to set up permanent residence in one's mouth, when one's kitty has destroyed the lower half of a carefully decked Christmas tree, and when one lives three provinces away from one's family.

Let me be clear, I am incredibly blessed to be sitting here with my cup of Christmas tea (all the way from England thanks to my mother-in-law), my alpaca socks all the way from Kazakhstan, an adorable (sometimes) grey cat curled up by the fireplace, my pot of Christmas smells simmering on the stove (bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, cloves, lemons and oranges), and Frank Sinatra crooning in the background.

 I am also blessed to not be truly alone.

The First Aid Kit ladies help make this song sound truly tragic, and it comforts me.

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Anonymous said...

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