Monday, December 16, 2013

Our apartment

I often tell people that I can't wait to move, to find a little house, or a downtown apartment with a view...but truth be told I am happy to live where I do. Sure the rent is tragically high, and our neighbours are mostly Asian students with no desire to converse, and our parking garage looks like the roof is about to collapse...but it is home.

Our apartment is located at that delightful spot where the sunlight hits in mid afternoon...if I were actually ever home in the mid afternoon this would be a highly enjoyable trait. We have a cozy fake fireplace which I LOVE. We have two bedrooms AND two bathrooms which has made the whole marriage thing a much easier transition. Yuri has his office space, and I have a bathroom that I can clean to my personal standards. We have a garbage chute literally fifty feet away that does not require going outside. We have room for guests to stay, should they so desire. Aside from the clacking of our upstairs neighbour's dog walking around at strange hours, we have an abundance of peace and quiet. It also protects us from the bitter Winnipeg cold which has been particularly harsh as of late.

All in all, I am content to call this place home.


Ray-Ann said...

I'm glad there are so many redeemable qualities to your First home as a married couple. You will look back and have happy memories....unless the frigid Winnipeg winters completely freeze all memory of this time. Lol You need's how you role.

Anonymous said...

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