Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Deep in the heart of winter...


 -I've sent Yuri off to Toronto for a week.
-I am sick with what my boss terms the "cuban flu" although I have never felt the warmth of Cuba.
-The weather is cold, deeply cold.
-My creative spirit is struggling. 
-And I am sad.


 I am surviving this Winnipeg winter with the help of:

1. My fleece-lined black tights.

2. My fake fireplace. It's abstract warmth soothes me.

3. My ginger tea.

4. The fact that there are only 59 days left before spring.

5. Netflix. My guilty pleasure.

6. The sauna at my gym. I sweat out my toxins and pretend that it's summer.

7. Honestly, sheer will power. I survive because I must.

1 comment:

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