Wednesday, July 05, 2006

God's Fireworks

I am sitting at my window watching a beautiful display of God's natural fireworks, and listening to jazz music. I am not a huge jazz fan, but every once in a while I find it very soothing to listen to. It is hot and muggy and it feels as though it is trying desperately to rain. I went to a church BBQ tonight, and then to a youth event where some college age people put on a presentation for New Generation, which encourages young people to start prayer and outreach groups in their schools. I got asked a couple times why I didn't go forward to "accept the challenge." I guess I look a little young. I think it is a neat idea, and I wish that I had taken the initiative to start a similar kind of group in high school. I learned that Nelson has one of the highest populations for people with AIDS in BC. I went out for lunch with some of my coworkers today to a popular Indian restaurant. I ordered the second cheapest thing on the menu, as I am of course, a poor, starving college student; but it was excellent nonetheless!

I really want to practice having a humble attitude. I was thinking today about how much Jesus had to humble himself in order to save the world. What a sacrifice he made, not only physically, but he also had to abondon all self-consideration. He gave all that was in him to give. I want to express that attitude in everything that I do, but it is sooo difficult sometimes. Please give me perseverance, Lord!

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