Saturday, July 01, 2006


I want to have a hunger and passion for the Bible. The sermon in church tonight was on one of the churches discussed in Revelations 2, and John was admonishing the church to hold to the teachings of God, and to use the Bible as though it were a sharp, double edge sword. My pastor said that we need to go the Bible for our strength and knowledge, and by doing that, we will become stronger in our faith. I have heard this before, but it suddenly clicked for me tonight that I need to spend more time going to the Bible for my strength. So often I will rely on the advice of people rather than asking God to reveal himself to me through his word. It made me feel sad that I don't place enough value on the infinite wisdom of God. I want this to change in my life, and I want to seek God's face continually.


Anonymous said...

oh jennie! i want to have a hunger and a thirst for the Bible too. what does the word "pergamum" mean?

Jennie Miller said...

Hey Allie! Pergamum is just the place where the chuch was in Revelations. My dad said that he thinks the word pergamum could be where they got the word pergatory from. Anyway, have a good day off tomorrow, Allie! Love you.

Anonymous said...

cool! i want to go to pergamum! not purgatory though.