Saturday, July 08, 2006

I Bought a Car!

Here is a picture of my very first car! It is a 1988 Mazda Station Wagon, and if you can't tell, it is a very light blue colour. Isn't it cute? It is also a standard, so Mr. Car and I have been having some battles lately. At this moment I would have to say that the car is winning, but I am hoping to change that in the very near future. It was unfortunately way out of my budget, but my parents say it is a good car, and will serve me well! Notice the beautiful garden in the background. You can't really see any of the flowers, but picture foxglove, marigolds, pink petunias and more blooming profusely! How wonderful. Unfortunately a hungry deer ate most of the vegetables we had planted. My brother has strick orders to have his sling shot ready in case the deer comes back (my mom was just a little upset by the ordeal!).


Anonymous said...

yeah! a car is way better than a free piano that doesn't work! have a good battle with the old standard. i know you can do it! allie

Jennie Miller said...

Thanks Allie, I will triumph! Write me and tell me how you are doing.