Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Golf:The Greatest Game Ever Played...NOT!

I went golfing with the junior high last night, and I turned out to be pretty much the stinkiest player! I know, I know, big surprise! I had no idea what an "iron" was or what its purpose is in hitting the ball. I was in a group with 3 sweet girls, who were very patient with my lack of skills. I got laughed at because I wore flip flops, and apparently that is not proper golf foot-wear. I really enjoyed spending time with those girls, and it forced me to remember what life was like at that age. I want to be someone who they will feel free to talk to. There are so many social pressures for young teen girls to be and look a certain way. How frustrating.

I am going to Ainsworth Hot Springs tomorrow night. I like going there, but I have been so busy this week, I would really prefer to be mellow at home. Work was a little crazy today. It was staff meeting day today, which is always very exciting. It happens every 2 weeks, and everyone who works for the society comes and hashes out the problems with child care, and non-functional families. I, unfortunately, do not get to attend these wonderful gatherings as I am much to busy answering phones and getting angry at the photocopyer (the silly thing had me down on my knees today, which was a little uncomfortable as I was wearing a skirt). Work is going well, and I really enjoy the people who work there. There is such diversity that, I'm sure, would only be so evident in Nelson.

I feel as though the summer (thus far) has been a somewhat restful time for me. I think at am at a place in my faith where I'm not on the mountain, or in the valley. I just AM. I thought that maybe because of this, that I wasn't growing or maturing spiritually, but a friend pointed out that God is still teaching me, just in a different way than I am used to. I need to continue trusting God, and pursuing him whole heartedly. Perhaps this is the time when it is most diffcult, when things are just normal, as one may feel that they are doing pretty good on their own, and forget to turn to the Lord for wisdom.

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