Wednesday, June 25, 2008

la la la. this is me being happy, cause i have full-time WORK!!!! at last! at last! la la la la la la la!!! and the weather is great, and people are great, and money is great, and books are great, and rabbits are evil. I am house-sitting an evil, evil bunny rabbit. It looks at me, and growls. Now, I am an experienced bunny person. I have owned at least 5 in my lifetime, if not more, and I have never encountered a rabbit that sits in the corner and bares its teeth and growls at you when you approach waving a carrot in its face. I don't know how to befriend this little monster. And in fact, I am going to give up trying to be nice. It is time to show him who is BOSS (that's me).

My family is away in Spokane, attending some baseball thingy where my brother is going to play for a MLB scout. Wow! I know nothing more about this thingy, but it sounds impressive, so I have decided that I should brag. Wow! Meanwhile, I am at home. Alone. Waaaaaay out here in the country where the fat, garbage-eating bears roam. Yes. We have bears. I have cleaned up icky garbage after their all night feasts, twice! Yuck.

Do you ever have this all-consuming fear that when you get in your car it is not going to start? Well, I have that. My car is on its last legs/wheels, and sometimes when I try to start it, it shudders and groans, and whrrrnss (I don't know how else to describe this noise). I am not worried about this when my family is home, as I know someone will come and rescue me. But when they are away, I am fearful that I am going to get stranded somewhere on the side of a country road where no one will find me for many days. Anyway, I am hoping that my car will limp along until the end of the summer. Actually what I really wish, is that I was close enough to work that I could walk, so I could save money, get excercise, and not hinder the environment!! I really do feel rather conscious stricken about all fuel I use. Sigh.

Here is some happiness. la la la la. It is time to eat!!! la la la! JOY! I love FOOOOOOOOOOD! la la la la.


Janna said...

jennie you are so funny. remember when we played that game for care group last year and one of your truths was about your bunnies and i laughed till i cried? i felt bad about that, but it struck me as very funny at the time. anyways, i am happy that you are happy.

Jennie Miller said...

oh yeah, i remember telling that truth...and i remember that you more than anyone found it to be funny, and that made me so happy!!!