Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's accomplishments:
I discovered that I am un-brave.
I drank tea. A lot of tea.
I drank goji juice (hmmm, very nutritious :)
I discovered that when you drink a lot of liquids it makes you so full and sloshy that it is hard to eat a meal afterwards.
I picked my sick brother up from school.
I laundered.
I vacuumed.
I was nearly attacked by a savage dog with a leash still attached to its neck.
I made lasagna for supper.
I went for a walk and saw the sunset.
I became frustrated.
I contemplated my current job situation, and became discouraged.
I thought about ditching school in the fall and moving to Africa.

Tomorrow's expected accomplishments:
Express unfelt emotions in a courageous manner.
Drink tea.
Go to work.
Purchase a weapon of great destructive abilities to protect myself from aforesaid savage beasts.
Move to Africa.


Calley said...

Your moving to Africa tomorrow?!? What are you going to do there Jennie?

Jennie Miller said...

oh cure AIDS, become the next mother theresa, that kind of thing.

Janna said...

Jennie, I am glad that amidst your full days of accomplishments that you are maintaining such a high appreciation for tea. We shall drink some together in a few months (as long as you don't move to Africa on me).
ps - i loved your previous post muchly, but figured i would leave only 1 comment.