Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Been a Long Day

My day started out rather abruptly (and coldly), as my assistance was required to help push dearest roommate (Chrissy) out of the driveway. Her car, that is. After some futile pushes (on my part, cause Chrissy is buff, and my workout regime does not appear to be garnering significant results in muscle tone), we found success in the combined efforts of some neighbor.

Following this exciting event which really feels like it occured yesterday due to its early morning nature, I attempted to redeem my my Human Behaviour paper in the remaining 23 minutes before leaving for class. It wasn't actually something that could be achieved in an hour.

The computers at Booth are remarkably slow, and normally I am quite content to sit and stare at the screen while it loads, and think about all the things I could be doing (flossing my teeth, clipping my toenails, etc). However, this morning we were rather late for class, and I admit that I muttered a couple of bad words at the stupid computer. This negative reinforcement (as a form of learning theory) did not produce any positive results, although my paper did eventually print.

Later in the afternoon I spent some time working at the ol' library. My favorite task involves watering the plants. My least favorite task involves reading shelves to make sure that all the books are in order.

I have now retreated to my room to sit on my bed. I am listening to the sounds of my roommates watching Lost, as I begin to write this monstrous paper that is due on Monday. My eyelids are drooping and I am attempting to motivate myself through the positive reinforcement of sleep. However I have realized that this tactic does not work on oneself. Negative reinforcement (the looming F+) is far more motivating. And so, the birth of the group counselling paper extraordinaire begins.

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