Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today I am...

...Slightly elated about life after eating a yummy sandwich of toasted naan bread, alfalfa sprouts, cheddar cheese, and red pepper, and drinking a hot mug of Lady Grey Tea.

...Disgruntled that my houseplants seem to be infested with some kind of fruit fly, and the dish soup I am feeding them to kill off the flies seems to be turning the leaves yellow and withered (NOTE: don't believe everything the internet tells you.)

...Confused about my swollen eyelids that seem to be the aftereffects of watching Avatar last night. No, I did not cry...oddly enough. Although the scene when Home Tree fell over was rather heart wrenching. Everything seems rather er, emotional at 1:30 in the morning after a 15 hour day of work.

...Thinking about learning some type of martial arts after hearing a conversation on the bus between two guys who professed their blunt opinion that they think it is safest to assume that all women are dumb and dim-witted until proven otherwise. Sigh.

...Listening to my lil' playlist on CBC radio 3's should make your own!!!

...About to head to my Crisis Intervention class, in which we are learning how to deal with people in crisis. Obviously.

...Bouncing around my room to The Wooden Sky. "It still means a lot to meeee!"

...Thinking yet again about the uncertainty of my future. BC or Winnipeg. Hmmm. Tough decision. Apparently I gotta be there.


Janna said...

Jennie, I know that Michael J. Fox is a pretty convincing guy in that video, but remember in your decision making that you probably won't be seeing him at all if you move back. So I hope that isn't playing into your decision.

Also: stay in Winnipeg.

Katie Swan said...

Don't you just spritz the leaves with a drop-of-soap-and-water solution instead of actually feeding it soap?? Dish soap is toxic for people...can only imagine how not-very-nice it would be to a plant.

Jennie said...

ha ha. I'm guessing the 2 tablespoon amount that the internet website suggested may have been a bit too much...whoops. Sorry plants.

I know Janna, he is SO convincing, and unbelievably sexy. It is going to be a hard call. :)